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TH Animal Hospital provides health care services for sick pets and treats specific diseases such as neurological disorders, eye, skin, bone and joint problems. Physical therapy and consulting services are also available. The treatment staff comprises a veterinary team of experts. The Hospital’s ability to accommodate severely ills animal is equivalent to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at leading universities in Thailand. Thus full scale general medical and health care services can be provided utilizing standard and advanced technological equipment and diagnostic tools.
The outstanding service of the hospital is taking care of and rehabilitation of sick pets with neurological disorders. The hospital’s transfer policy includes accepting patients with neurological diseases from animal clinics without specialized vets or without adequate standard equipment. These diseases include Alzheimer's, blindness, paralysis, epilepsy, etc. Animals that are not able to be admitted at University Animal Hospitals due to full capacity are also welcome. Apart from general medicine services, age related ailments and surgery performed by highly experienced surgeons are also available.
There is also a pet shop offering goods for regular pets, sick pets, and also a grooming service by experienced groomer and award winning groomer.

To be the best private animal hospital which specializes in treating nervous system diseases and to become internationally recognised as best in aseptic system management. The services of the hospital would be equal to or better than public hospitals in public universities.

Health Care
We believe in caring rather than medication. Therefore, It is necessary to have regular pet health checks.

We volunteer to take care of your pet with our heart. Every Pet Deserves Celebrity Care

Our professional team provides exceptional grooming service.