A pet grooming salon with nail trimming and ear cleaning services

for dogs and cats by a professional team for your pet's relaxation.

Pet Shop

Pet store offers products for general and sick animals categorized in different types according to condition of sickness such as food groups for treatment, shampoo for dermatitis, dietary supplements for pets etc. Bedding & Pet Travel Including snacks for pets according to their age requirements. Food, snacks, and utensils that are available in the pet store are medical grade used in hospitals based on FIFO (First in first out) expiration date management.

Open from 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM.

Swimming Pool & Hydrotherapy

Swimming Pool to restore sick dogs after surgery as well as physiotherapy for dogs with joint problems and hip. All dogs are closely taken care of and owners are informed in detail regarding their condition by an experienced veterinary team.
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