General Medicine

Accurate and fast hematological and biochemical analyzers are available during the opening hours as well as advanced diagnostic tools that affect the quality of treatment. Health check-ups and vaccination are also available.

General Surgery and Emergency Surgery

Surgical services are available during office hours. Veterinarians are routinely trained to treat animals in urgent need or in emergency situations. General surgery includes sterilization, scaling, limestone, etc. Respirator and modern live monitoring are available as well as experienced anesthesia team.

In - Patient

TH Hospital provides in – patient services by degree of sickness before and after surgery. These are ICU and Critically Endangered Animals (CCU). TH Animal Hospital is the first of its kind in Thailand to have a Positive Pressure Sterilization System with higher indoor air pressure. And the operating room is the same standard as the operating room for people. The hospital has trained staff to use the equipment and have special knowledge on how to treat animals. Moreover a team of veterinarians and nurses are trained in the care of critically ill animals in the CCU unit.

Specialized Medicine

Specialized veterinarian services include nervous system, eye disease, orthopedic, heart disease, dermatitis, Imaging diagnosis. TH Animal Hospital supports the transfer of animals from an inpatient facility hospitals that can no longer treat the animals. Consultation among veterinarians in the hospital takes place to find the best way to treat sick animals with complex problems that are accommodated in the hospital. The right diagnostic tools are utilized to diagnose the above mentioned diseases

Specialized Surgery

TH Hospital gives neurosurgical services for ophthalmic diseases, bone and joint and thoracic surgery that general hospitals cannot perform by a dedicated team of veterinarians. Equipped with the most up-to-date surgical instruments the patients are closely taken care of before and after surgery as well as during rehabilitation period.

& MRI Center

The Hospital uses DIGITAL X-RAY DR Medical System, the latest X-ray technology that delivers high image clarity while minimizing radiation dose. This allows the physician to obtain fast radiation photos and makes faster diagnosis and treatment. DIGITAL ULTRASOUND also offers high-definition digital radio broadcasting. It is the first privately owned animal hospital in the Asia Pacific region to provide MRI services for animals. The MRI performs physical examinations by visualizing the parts. The body uses a high intensity magnetic field together with the radio frequency by transmitting the frequency into the body and receiving the reflected waves. Processed and created by computer. It can be as detailed and as sharp as cutting the body into pieces. The doctors can look thoroughly for unusual spots in the body of our animals so that they can plan the treatment accurately and reduce the mistake in surgery.